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Since its establishment in 1993 the Jewish Gallery is dedicated to the integration of the artists. It was founded by the Central Welfare Organisation of Jewish people living in Germany. There have been many impressive exhibitions supervised by their graphic designers and painters since that time. Many of them live and create in Berlin, but also in Israel or some of them stayed in their home town in Eastern Europe.

Since many years there has been an excellent platform to present their creations to the international public: watercolours, oil paintings, mixed media and graphics or even installations. Also the Gallery`s location in the Oranienburger Straße, adjacent to the New Jewish Synagogue represents an attraction for many visitors. One of the main tasks of the Jewish Gallery is to encourage and support about 40 artists; and last but not least it is also the presentation of the Jewish point of view in Art and Culture.

The following artists represent the gallery: Ella Adamova, Alexander Antoniok, Michael Bensman, Kosta Bernstein, Alla Bourakova, Vadim Brodsky, Jaroslaw Broitman, Olga Davidova, Pavel Feinstein, Eduard Kapitan, Jakov Kaplun, Rachel Kohn, Margarita Krasnovskaja, Valerij Kungurov, Mark Krouppa, Julia Kurtu, Valerie Kurtu, Oleg Kuzenko, Roman Manewitsch, Tatjana Morgenstern, Adolf Osherov, Olga Pen, Afanasij Pud, Alim Rijinachvili, Thengis Rioni, Michail Schnittmann, Lyudmila Shatolova, Egor Shatolov, Julia Shulman, Aron Sinnstein, Tatjana Sklyar, Pavel Sverdlov, Mark Turewsky, Alexander Vitzon, Igor Wischnia, Katerina Jerokhina, Juri Zurkan.

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